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These were some of the kolams i put for margazhi



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dots 19 to 1

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Excellent kolam Judy, I am going to try this one today ...

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Actually Judy, THIS is THE kolam I want youngters to learn rather than designs. 100% concentration it needs to complete it correctly without mistake , so it improves ur concentration power and also memory power.

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Well said Rajamma amma, I particularly like these types of kolam rather than designs cos it generates focus and concentration on the work i am doing after that..

Thanks Judy, Please keep posting more dotted kolams

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Very nice kolam judeline. I like it very much.

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Thank you Gowri, I am happy you found what you actually wanted - look out for more in my gallery..

I agree whole heartedly with you Rajamma - these days youngsters prefer to put kolams the rangoli style which is easy to draw for them - these chikku kolams are more challenging..

Thank you Deepa - glad you too liked it...