margazhi kolam

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hi all since my college timings changed i was unable to make big kolam and all but today is a holiday(yippee!!!) so i thought i will make a nice dotted kolam for margazhi friday. its a 18(6 lines) to 6 dotted kolam. leave two dots on either sides and put parallel dots in lines of two till 6.

Rangoli: margazhi kolam


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Nice broader stroke swastik kolam Bhaskari. My sister's name is also Bhaskari.

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Nice big kolam looking good in double strokes....

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Wow love ur double strokes and the kolam looks good too

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Very neat and pretty double ezhai kolam.

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Very Nice double stroke kolam

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Your Swastik kolam is very neat and double ezhai is super.

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Swastik kolam done in double strokes looks great and neat....

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Very Nice double stroke kolam

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Very Nice double stroke kolam

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Bhaskari, I appreciate your spirit!

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Your double strokes kolam is looking nice.


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Kolam looks nice with broad strokes.. Well done..

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nice kolam

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Double stroke kolam is very nice. Keep it up.

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thank you all!!!