Margazhi kolam Lotus

Ishwarya's picture

17 X 9 inbetween dots. This is the kolam we put for this pongal.

Rangoli: Margazhi kolam Lotus


dibbutn's picture

Nice kolam Ishwarya maam... slightly smudged though yet looks nice and I can see one dot in all 6 sides left unattended paavam Smile

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

kolam is very nice. the rose buds really very pretty.

judelined's picture

I think she forgot to circle them Puspha Smile Nice kolam, but poor karumbu standing alone in one corner Smile

lakshmiraghu's picture

looks nice, Judy yes..hehe poor karumbu ...

Ishwarya's picture

Thank you :).. i too feld that.. I had pongal paanai and sun after that.. But kolam was not very clear in the pic which had everything/// Sad