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nice kolam and design.

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woow prema mam such a huge one to be drawn in a short time congrats

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very beautiful

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Huge one in short time! very artistic and colorful.

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Mam, very beautiful kolam drawn in a short time? You are really a expert! Very nice one and excellent colour combination

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awesome ..... beautiful.... very neat work

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lovely kolam!!! thanks for sharing..

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very beautiful work. best color combination

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huge beautiful kolam.congrats prema

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I thought you are an expert in double ezhai kolam, but this rangoli proves that u r an expert in rangoli also. Nice design wirh good coloring.

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very very beautiful and attractive design.color combination is very good.

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Nicely coloured good piece of work. However, the symmetry was not taken care of. While the inside pattern has eight-fold symmetry, why are there only 15 extensions in the later circles? Should it not be 16?

Regards! - mOhana

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Prema..very nice rangoli...Ilike the border...

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Prema maam to do justice in a short time is really really not an easy job but you have... hats off to you wonderful work and lovely color combination... loved the double strokes as well

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lovely work ma'm wonderful border.

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Beautifully drcorated with colours.

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Very nice kolam and i like the way u have decorated the kolam with pretty and cute designs within the colors.

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very nice

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Prema, this is very nice! You have chosen a good freehand design and suitable colors!

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Crisp detailing and right choice of colors. Beautiful work..

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Very pretty work Prema - lovely colouring, definite double strokes very neatly displayed, pretty frills. On the whole a treat for the eye - only minus is the lighting of the picture Smile

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thanks all for yours comments.

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I heard you are from Vellore - would you like to come to the Chennai meet next Saturday??

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this design being a freehand the colours gives a good look. the green and pink combination is really great.

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nice kolam and nice colour combination

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colour full one and nice

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so big kolam in a short time! exceptional beautiful with excellent color combination.

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fabulous art prema, i may take 2 hrs 2 do this,uve done in short time,grt

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Well balanced and very beautiful and neat work!

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very nice work.You forgot to complete the design in intricate lining innerside of the outer circle(withwhite powder). Only a part of it is done.It it was completed that would had added more elegance ,beauty and intricacy.Still the effort is good and shows your control and expertise on line drawing and filling of the colours.

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super kolam!!!!!!!! Easy design Bt perfect geometry Awesome.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!

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awesome...... very beautifully done madam, reminds me of my mother.

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great work ,awesome, reminds me of my mother.