Marghazhi kolams

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Straight dots: 17 - 1

This month the weather is so unpredictable that almost every day it is raining and I am not able to put kolam outside. This was done on Sunday last when fortunately it did not rain. I call it the 'Disconnected Kolam' as you can see the lines are not joined... Hope you like it Smile

Rangoli: Marghazhi kolams


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Heyyyy Judy what a superb name for a superb kolam. Yes this "S" kolam is simply superb.

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S kolam looks good, and, I too like the name.

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wow judy mam yr strokes are so neat that i admire so much.

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Yes, Yes, I like the way you have left the dots untouched by the lines!

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hai,its really its too good

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Very nice disconnected kolam and thanks for connecting it to ikolam website

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Thanks Sudha, Lata, Anmmu (please call me Judy - no ji or mam and all), Jaya, Revathi and Nithya for you comments Smile

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New named kolam emerged with beauty. Thanks

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hey judy it looks like hooks!!neatly drawn!!keep it up

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Thank you Padma and Lakshmi Smile