Mat Kolam

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I used chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, curry leaves powder, coffee powder and maida to draw this kolam.
I have a little courtyard in UAE.

Rangoli: Mat Kolam


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A simple and pretty pattern...n AH-CHOO!!! uh...ah...AH-CHOO!!

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Lata,Brintha thankx

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Indira, nice that you found the little court yard to experiment your designs which are very good looking in paper.Me too started drawing in paper,later found some place or other to put actual rangolis.
by the way how can you afford to put such precious masala podi and coffee podi in the court yard? I think a big plate can be used for that. all the best for your new receipes.

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thank u mam

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Masala rangoli is Very nice idea. Very neat.


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Like Lata I too wonder how many 'ah-choo's you and your family members had that day!