morning raaga

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this free hand kolam was drawn in front of my house on aadi amavasya day...

Rangoli: morning raaga


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wow such a beautiful kolam lakshmi Dirol

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Aahaa...what a fusion kolam laksh...padi kolam with outer freehand peacocks...super pa Smile

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Akka, beautiful peacock in the netted carpet. :star:

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v.v. pretty and divine,,, in my place elders say nt to make a kolam on amavasai day,, but i could see many aadi amavasai kolams in our site every year,,, frnz kindly share ur views,,,,i would b more glad to make a amavaasai kolam,,, Smile

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very very nice and gud one. superb.

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woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.lakshmi super design kolam.Adheppadi lakshmi unga peacocks mattum neenga sonna edaththil poi nikkudhu.

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Lakshmi, lovely padikkolam. What food you feed your peacocks. They look very healthy Wink

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Ha ha ha, rajam Rani yoda oolipichchan peacock parthuvittu vandhirukkenga illa adhan ungalukku appadi thonudhu.Lakshmi thaan saapidadhadhukkum serthu ellarukkum kudukkiraanga illaya, adhan peacocks nalla pushtiya irukku.

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thanks friends...ha ha... subhashiniji...konjam lancham kuduthirukeen adhudha..sonna madhiri keekudhu...rajammaji good food to my all are in chathurmasya vratha...he he.....uma we can draw kolams on amavasya day no probs..but we don't draw kolams on
pitru thithi..(.shradha) ...early once when we observe annual rituals to dead ancetors...any views please....

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Biggrin Blum 3

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Uma, I think On AAdi amavasya day we do Tharpanam for the ancesters.After finishing Pithrupooja, we can put kolam. Lakshmi can give you the correct answer1 Smile

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uma, I too think so.Rajam is always correct.It is applicable for all amavasya it not rajam?

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thank u all for ur views,,, as rajamma mam said i used to draw kolams in amavasai eve,,, after d pooja,,,, Smile

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Uma...actually those who r performing pitru puja on amaavaasai day don't put kolams but i have seen at my sil's place a small kavi kolam(only kavi is used) is put instead of leaving their vaasal without any kolam Smile

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Yes, As Suba says Lakshmi feeds her guests full even when she fasts!
On amavasya days you can draw kolam after pithru tharpanam.

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Beautiful sumaithangi kolam Laks :bigsmile: u can feed peacocks but cant send parcels for "anybody" droghi |( Fool

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yaaru drohi ah!! |( Sad :~ Sad

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aiyoo vandutanga pa vandutanga pa escape Biggrin

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hmmm andha bhayam irukutum...heheh how ru dimple....

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Very beautiful design Lakshmi...well drawn peacock design...looks so divine. :star: :star: :star:

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Very beautiful design and kolam. The peacock design is very cute

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superb kolam mam lovely peacocks Smile

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Lovely kolam Laks. As usual beautiful

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thamaraikulam kolam super.

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wow pretty kolam with lovely peacocks ending..