Muttalai Tattu

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It is a kolam done during navaratri on a taambalam (plate), using saboodana (sago) to outline the design. Rangoli powder is used to fill in the design. In earlier days, haldi, kumkum, coffee powder etc were used as colours.

Rangoli: Muttalai Tattu


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Janakiji it come out very well. sago border looks very nice.

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Nice decoration in a Thaambalam. What is the meaning of Muttalai? If you draw a thin line of the design with fevikol and then stick the Sago then it will look more neat.

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Rajamma ji
i dont know the meaning of muthalm but a temple near my house in thiruvanmiur.they use to celebrate navratri during those time i used to give big tambalm madeof different kolams like this and they will light campher or lamp in the middle and do the aarthi of devis all those 9days.My mother used to call this kolam muthala thattu..And for all navrathris we make this kolam. now adays we get different colours but those days we used to colour it with coffe powder haldhi,kumkumand some other edible colour sometimes i make it of differents grains..

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It is very nice! I remember doing something like this for my Chitti's marriage.

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How lucky the brass plate is to have worn such a beautiful garment!

Regards! - mOhana

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Very nicely done. U can soak sabudhana in water for some time and then take it out and put it in haldi, kumkum etc so u will get different colored sabudhana and then we can stick it to the tambalam and can do aarthi. That will look nice too. I made one for last navarathri but i don't have the pic now.

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good sujestion. i will try next time.
muthal thattu means finishing tuch for alll the celbration and final aarthi is taken with this(this arthi will be made of coloured rice and in the middle lame will be there and with that the final aarthi is taken during marriages and othe functions). and then nothing will be celebrated..i asked one of my elders they gave me this explanation.

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Muthyallu means muthu in Telugu. There is a seperate telugu song for muthyalla aarthi which is done even in varalakshmi vratham. They say if u do muthyalla aarthi for Amman in navarathri she will be pleased..

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muthyalu means muththu .it looks like muththu so it called muthyala thattu.

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Janaki the sago border makes the rangoli stand out - nice colours you have used too Smile

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very nice... Can anybody help me by instructing clearly.. the way to perform Varalakshmi puja... I have browsed through many websites but could not get clear manual on it... As I have nobody at home to help me in this regard....

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Very nice, but my suggestion is u should have used red color, it would have been very bright.

sudhasenthil, what ever my mother in law taugh me about varalakshmi pooja, i will submit in cafe, hope this may help u.

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looks cute,can anyone tell me what is saboodana