My first chikku kolam

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I tried my hand at chikku kolam. Your comments and views will make me or stop me from trying more Smile

Rangoli: My first chikku kolam


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wow brinda mam....ivvalavu nalla kolam pottuttu....make or break nnu solradu tooooooooomuch....

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Very nice one brindha mam, such a lovely kolam should continue to feast our eyes. Nice with bright kavi border!

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Brindha, u have passed with flying colors. To get distinction u should keep putting chikku kolams continuously.. A few observations.... u have drawn inbetween some straight lines,they look odd. Actually in chikku kolam that empty space only will enlighten the kolam and show ur symmetrical drawings,For the first tria lu could have taken a simple design to avoid tension( Like answering easy questions first in the exam papers.)There is no restriction to decorate ur chikku kolams also with ur wonderful designer border.

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this has come out too good brindhaji. but i am also wondering why those lines in between? any special reason? outer border with kaavi has given a nice frame

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Brinda, the kolam has come out good. As rajamma said, the lines in between looks odd. you have passed with first class. and can easily get ( 0+ grade. read as hoplus. sorry sorry I was just kidding) A++ grade . Thank you

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Brindha maam u hv done a very good job for a first attempt at chikku kolam ... as everyone pointed the straight lines are a little distracting... I think u put them to easily put the kolam without mistakes if i am not wrong ... overall u hv done exceedingly well with this kolam

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First kolam eh ivlo complex kolam ah? Brinda Straight lines kines eduva irundalum ok.. your sharp edged chikku kolam is wonderfull.. deposit theriduchu ungaluku.. hehe.. ( i really dont know how rajamma ji called it is easy kolam.. avunga madiri periyya alungaluku idu easy kolam pola :((( hmmm (Enaku romba felings ah iruku paaaaa :((((((((

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1derful first attempt Brinda. The criss cross lines in between spoils the otherwise good kolam. Any significance for these lines?

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brindha ur kolam has come out very every body said the lines have not given beauty to ur kolam...

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Thanks for all the expert comments. I am a novice in this. I will take care in the future.

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azhaga irruku anty.

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அழகு கோலம்! Were those straight lines meant to show you the proper places for the curves? Forgot to erase them later?!

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Brindha, this kolam has come out good, and I like the curves and the border too.

Rajam, Brindha did attempt another chiku kolam, a smaller one (6x2), and uploaded it with three of her smaller freehand ones. I had requested her to separate it and reupload. So, in a way, she did try the easy questions first. Smile

Brindha, I feel like a kid in a candy store, who is waiting for the smaller one. I'm sure you will let everyone see what you had made. Smile

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Good first try! Maintain, improve!

Regards! - mOhana

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Madam it has come out very nicely, I like that curves .....

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Brindha I am glad you took that challenge seriously and tried this chikku kolam. You have done enough justice for a first time try I must say. Your strokes are slender and make the entire kolam look very neat. If you keep on making chikku kolams I am sure we will soon start getting jealous of you - make it happen soon Smile