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This is a dotted kolam with dot count 9-9 straight dots. Inspired by Sudha's nagakolams, I tried this.

Rangoli: Nagabandha


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very nice try.

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Nice trial kolam, Padma. I think today, I-Kolam is flooded with Padma's nagabandha kolams. All the designs looks very pretty, dear.


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Very nice kolam with good cool color.

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very nice ... padma.. single snake is Surrounding the kolam wth nice color..

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Nice try on ur bb padma... sky blue and white col combo is nice...

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Thank you Maha, Rajusree, Julien and RAni.

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Wonderful Mrs padmA! Please put the tail on the body for proper in-and-out movements. Do you know - this pattern is at least 1500 years old! This is the classic nAga-bandha model. mAgha was the first to write a poem in this pattern in SiSupAlavadha. Later, bhAravi too used this, I believe, in kirAtArjunIyam. Lots of poets have used this. I'll upload some patterns later when I find time including mine Smile I have given an example in tamizh long ago for a similar pattern, but with two snakes ( ). I am looking for bandha patterns in kannaDa. Anybody, can you find me the book kannaDa chitrakaAvya book by T V Venkatachala Sastry? They will be in university or college libraries. Please borrow and xerox it. I'll pay the expenses. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful Padma

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Padma I feel so happy to see so many uploads from u and that all Nagabandha kolams. This pattern too is very nice.

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Thank you JKM sir for detailed history on this design. I didnt know anything about this when I planned to draw this. I have noted down the book name and I will try. If I get , I will courier the book to you. Sir, can I ask what's your PhD subject?

Thank you Nitya.

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very nice wk padma

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very nice padma!-suguna murugesan

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Lovely design Padma.

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very attractive dancing snakes

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all snake kolam

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Kindly see the note I added today at which corrects some errors in the comments I made on 7 Aug. padmA ma'am, I am a scientist by profession with specialty in determining molecular (small molecules, proteins and viruses) structures using X-ray diffraction techniques. But my passion is literature, in particular, prosody or chandassu dealing with metres used in poetry. chitrakAvya is a part of chandas. At the present time, I am spending my time on the relationship between tALa and metres. In kannaDa, Sastry's book is supposed to be a masterpiece. Even kavirAjamArga has some chitrakaviva. There is also an ancient book in kannaDa called madanatilakam that has some chitrakAvya. I have a 19th or early twentieth century copy of that book Smile

Regards! - mOhana