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Sashank wanted NEEL kolam so used blue color wet maavu to make this kolam.

Rangoli: NEELakkolam


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Nice way of diverting Sashank's attention Rajamji! I think he may have thought of his cousin, and you've given shape to his thought in a kolam ! Smile
We're thinking of you too baby Neel!
This looks like a dotted kolam, or are the dots placed for decoration purposes?

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Yes it is adotted kolam. 8 dots 8 lines straight.2dots on all cornersfacing outside.

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Rajammaji it lloks very nice with the blue colur.

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When I look at the blue skies laden with dark clouds I remember you
When I look at the peacocks spreading their plumage I remember you
When I look at the ocean waves breaking at the shore I remember you
Where have you gone, the Lord of the blue,
Have you gone to play with the child who is named after you
to delight the lady with the dancing fingers
creating endless patterns for you?

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mOhanaji,Mayil peeliyai kandaale mayanguven, Guruvayoor Krishnan en closest FRIEND, 'Kaatrinile varum geetham' en favourite Paattu( eppozhudhum hum panneettiruppen),So Lord of the Blue coming to play with the child and bless me......Oh!! Dhanyanaanen!!

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I am also very fond of kATrinilE varum gItaM along with mAlaippozhiudinilE.
There is another kRshNa song I am fond of - kRshNana kOLalina kare sung by
SrIraMgam gOpAlaratnam in the film subbASAstri. Try to listen to it. It is divine.
Of course, I am fond of all gItagOviMda ashTapadis of jayadEva. kRshNamUrti
and vEdavalli sang all of them in the traditional karNATaka style. These are
available commercially as well as on internet sites. Regards! - mOhana