Nepenthes -- the pitcher plant

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It has been my dream to make a rangoli that represents one of my favorite plants; the Pitcher plant - Nepenthes. There are many variations when it comes to the shape and color of the Pitcher plant. Pitcher plants are carnivorous plants. Plants consist of specialized leaves in the shape of a pitcher which contains liquid. The insects get attracted to the pitcher and drown in the liquid. The plant absorbs the contents over a period of few days. The comments tag leads you to a detail page, that has the flies-animation file. There are 8 flies zooming around that get settled (trapped) on the dots that were intentionally left over within the pitcher (2 per pitcher). This is a dotted kolam; 15x1, parallel style. Here is one species of Nepenthes:

The flower is equally interesting both in terms of the petal-shape and color:


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hai latha....nice animation in this pitcher plant kolam....

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Hahahaha Lata this was such a lovely treat to watch - I love how you try to do something different and unique each time... Great work I must say. Actually I though that that last fly was being quite clever in dodging the bog plants and it did take a very long time before it was finally down and out. Every single part of this kolam looks so very attractive and you not only have bog plants here but the centre of those red flowers look like sliced ripe kovakkai to me - don't you think so?? Lovely work - clap, clap, clap, clap (standing ovation) Biggrin

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Wow Lata what an imagination and lovely animation...those red ones seem like strawberry to me Smile very nicely done Lata

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Wow excellent job lata. Very nice kolam and the animation is extraordinary.

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wonderful idea and the kolam is very nice, Lata! Other than the maintenance work of the site, you create many things, which is different everytime. I like your devotion towards kolams and ikolam and this is getting continued to your kids also.

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Superb creation, we call this plant in Kannada as `Hooji gida' which attracts insect and pull them inside if I am right. Hats off to your creativity mind.

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Superb animation and beautiful work. I don't want to be the fly in the pitcher. The first time I saw this one was in Atlanta in the nineties. The pitcher is actually very long, a few feet in fact!

Regards! - mOhana

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yes its called hooji giDa....i used to think when the insects fly near the neck of the pitcher the lid gets closed and they are trapped inside :).... the flowers are also kind different.....pretty animation...even me too don't want to be the fly in/near the pitcherplant Smile

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Thala..for me it looks like honey pot where all insects attracted towards it n got trapped.. pitcher palnt ku tamil la enna ? :-O

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excellent animation and beautiful work.looks something different lata..

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Wonderful animation work Lata.Like children I too enjoyed it playing several times... Missing thing is a background song!.In children's animated pictures only I have seen these plants. I thought the tendrils also will help the plant to catch the flies.Thanks for spending ur precious time to creat this to treat us.