New Year Kolam

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Hi all,

Its a Padi Kolam.
The material we used is rice flour.
Decorated with colour's.

Rangoli: New Year Kolam


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Padi kolam with roses is beautiful. Nice way of turning pillars into lamp-posts at the borders. This makes me look forward to "Happy new year 2010"! So, Mrs.Revathe, as soon as you wish your loved ones Happy new year, you've got to think about ikolam. Smile

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Hope your "new" year was nice! Waiting for the new new year a bit ealry Smile
Very good colours.

Regards! - mOhana

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Very beautiful kolam.

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Revatheji,beautiful roses/stroks/design/colours...keep it up.waititng to see more of your creations..

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Revatheji, Wishings with Beautiful Thaamarai malars? waiting to see the 2010 New year wishes from u.

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Revathi Ma'am i really like this kolam....wud like to copy it though i might not be able to reproduce it the same way but i wud surely like to make it one day...(is the dot count 15 to 8, in between dots)...

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very nice . isnt it a free hand rangoli? The lines and shapes are very perfect.

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well done revathiji, the roses are just blooming, thanks for sharing

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Beautiful padi kolam.. The lines drawn r so perfect as if drawn with a ruler..

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Beautifully drawn.. Pretty roses

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very pretty roses with nice toogu-Deepas.

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the kolam is very nice and beautiful

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Neat presentation

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very beautiful how many dots for these kolam

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lakshmiji, i think its 15 X 8 middle dots with extra outer decorations done free hand.

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Very neat and very beautiful rangoli Revathiji.......

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Revathe the roses, the star the colouring - everything is so perfect - very nicely presented. You should have flipped the picture. Nice border sangali (chain) for the lamps - very cute Smile

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Revathe ma'am welcoming the new year with a kolam of this year Smile very beautifully done ma'am....

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The kolam is very beautiful. so symetrically drawn.