One more eLE rangavalli - colored and uncolored

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usually eLE (line, without any dots) rangolis are not colored fully, may be just kumkum and haldi at the center...but i tired some coloring....included both as one pic.

Rangoli: One more eLE rangavalli - colored and uncolored


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Good work to bring out the contrast. Each has its own beauty.
The colouring made me realise that crowned designs on all four sides look like dEvI durgA of the Bengali tradition or even like a mask.

Regards! - mOhana

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As mOhanaji said, the Bengal Kali matha's face struck me too!It's due to the pink dots I feel!
Good work!

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The moment I saw the design, the very same words of mOhanaji's came to my mind.
Good work, will try coloring padikolam hereafter like this.

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very cute kolams & nice colouring anirudhji

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Anirudh avare idea!! it come out very nice.

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Both are looking nice,the colour is pretty.

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Looks very attractive, the crowned design also resembles the Puri Jagannath Picture

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Its very nice, Anirudhji....its a great idea.... The Coloured version is very fancy & modern whereas the plain one is very Traditional..... On the whole, its a treat for our eyes.... Just keep up your good work.....