Patterns using tamil words - (entry_134)

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Entered for diwali rangoli contest 2008.
This is a pattern created by me with the tamil words oli (sound) and oLi (light).

Rangoli: Patterns using tamil words - (entry_134)


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Nice one

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I wanted to demonstrate that one can create beautiful
designs with alphabetic letters. That is the reason
I made this entirely on the computer. I wanted to
share the novelty of this. I know there are more
beautiful designs worthy of awards. Regards!
a rangOli enthusiast.

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That is a thought-provoking demonstration indeed! Letters are so beautiful that when you rotate and start placing them in different angles, they tend to form different patterns...and then you end up with nice designs like this one...Thanks for an innovative idea! Now I'll start experimenting too Smile

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Wonderful ,unique idea of creating rangoli with tamil script.Very innovative!!!

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Its very beautiful and thought provoking. I have never come across this kind of innovation in rangoli. I appreciate from my heart for your sincere effort.