Peacock Rangoli (Margazhi Dew Drops Contest -2010)

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This rangoli was done on my son's B'day (23Dec'09)
That's why the Peacocks are carrying basket full of sweet candies for IKOLAM members(a belated one..)

Rangoli: Margazhi Dew Drops Contest -2010


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belated wishes to your son. nice sweet.

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beautiful pecocks!!come out very nice.Wish you all the best!

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First look - enticing,
Creativity - traditional,
Details - good colours, merges nicely with the floor, the lamp adds a good contrast.
Symmetry - well maintained,
Overall - excellent.

Regards! - mOhana

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we wish a belated happy birthday for your son. Nice kolam all the best

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Thanks for the sweets ... belated wishes to your son... simple and nice kolam

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belated wishes to your son. best wihes and all the best.

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Nice one.

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Belated b'day wishes to your son Saras!
I'm glad you participated with this special rangoli and also shared your son's treats with us. I'll leave out the pretty swans for all of us to enjoy, but I've taken one of your green "eclairs" from one of the baskets! Reminds of the times when we used to go around the classes with a box of chocolates for everyone on our b'days. Smile Thank you so much. Smile

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Well Lata I took the yellow sweet as I love "pulippu muttai" (sour sweet) - remember they used to come in crescent shapes and in orange and yellow colour - I always loved the yellow ones so thanks Saras for giving me my favourite sweet and belated wishes to your son who celebrated his birthday one day after mine - your rangoli is so "SWEET" and I have an eye on that lamp of yours too - all the best Smile

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Belated b'day wishes to your son! I'll take the 'gems' from the basket! Nicely done!