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This picture was taken while waiting in traffic, in Chennai, during Pongal (a harvest festival in South India).

Rangoli: Pongal


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hai latha...traffic gaple kooda oru clickaa...very timely...pongal paanai with kavi is so nice...thanks...

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idhu thaan cycle gaple auto oortadhunu solluvaanga Blum 3 Sigh - lovely double strokes Smile

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hai latha, pongal paanai ,karumbu, poo and villku romba azhagaga iruukku.

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What dedication lata, it amazes me u think of kolam all the time... hats off to u.... as for the kolam, it looks great and yes a SIGH!!! Sad from me too for the double strokes

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latha madam trafficla kuda kolathai parthu still eduthu anupirukeenga but adhukku pulli vivarathai kodukalaye why madam why? appadeenu en sister ketka sonna adhan keten.

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Konjam work ongallukkum kolukalamedhan! :0
I didn't spend anytime counting the dots as I wanted you or your sister to help me out! Smile

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Lataji and meenaji, the dot count is 21-5-5 straight dots and it is in my gallery with similar and different design

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Hi lata,. very nice pongal paanai's, watchman's (sugarcane), diya's, chiku kolam and the pookolam. In one way we can say this all-in-one kolam. So Bussssssssyy in India even at the traffic signals!!!!!!! great that's the spirit.

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Very neatly drawn.... Lata, thanks for sharing the signal kolam-Indira

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well drawn double strokes,color pani irundha kalakala irundhrukum,