Pooja room kolam

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My long pending interest to do stencil kolam. I got it last week and tried in my pooja room.

Rangoli: Pooja room kolam


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Colourful stencil kolam looks pretty.

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nice nithya...u too like vidhs started to collect stencils aah...o.k o.k....

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Rani madam, infact i requested her to courier me some stencil design, iam waiting for her parcel.

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Nice colourful kolam, but it needs practice to make it with out mixing up the colours, i think:)

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hai nithya...vidhs is a busy bee it seems now a days...if u receive anything pl let me know...i will fight for my pangu....

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smilesss,,, i will defintely tell you! i know, she is busy, i told her to take her own time to courier

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thank u nithya...just kidding....

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nice one

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kaavi design and colour very nice.

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Nithya, nice stencil kolam. Yes it needs practice for a clean work.I am still trying with kolakuzhal like Rani. but yet to succeed!

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Good attempt. Why do stencil makers forget symmetry? The numbers 4, 13, 19 have no common factors.

Regards! - mOhana

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it has come out very nice nithya

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Good attempt.

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Nithya maam cute and colorful stencil kolam ... its come out nice

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Nice way of making a stencil kolam look different using a one colour for each layer.

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nice wk . esp ly the grn and blu combi reminds me of jo s costume in ennai konjam maatri, neat wk