Pooja room kolam

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Hi friends....A very small and simple padi kolam design done by me for Avani avittam in my pooja room....hope you all like it....your comments please.

Rangoli: Pooja room kolam


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Marvellous, Extremely beautiful kolam Sowmya. Neatly coloured with kaavi colour and the outlining too.


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Bala, where r u? u left the filter for me, i think. So tasty.


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yes maha i just missed my filter coffee. sowmy your strokes are marvellous, kanula othikalam pola appadi oru azhagu,kavi border adds beauty to your creations.

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Wow...now i knew d meaning of mesmerising....so neat and perfect sowmi....nice design too pa...

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Wow, beautiful.

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Wowwwwwww Sowmy super dear. So very neatly done pa. I loved it. The dark and pretty kaavi makes it even more beautiful. Lovely strokes dear.

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vijaya what a neat kolam dear .Excellent .No word to appreciate it

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nice padikolam with neat kavi outline.so cute and another new design for me to try----kanaka

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very neat wk sowmi , looks so serene,,, the image would have been still more better by reducing d brightness

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Thank you Maha, Bala, Rani, Nithya, Pushpa, Dr Rekha mam, Kanaga mam, Uma(yes I agree with you pa) for your lovely comments..Very glad you all liked this.

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beautiful beautiful...could not take my eyes from this sowmya mam. new design so neatly done.

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itz looking awesome dear! suguna murugesan

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very nice pooja room padi kolam...

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Excellent kolam Soumi. What a neat presentation with a new design.

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nalla palichuna irukku. very nice kolam. gud one.

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soo even and neat, if watched in-person it would be much more beautiful, i think we should make one visit to your pooja room Smile

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Thank you Vasanthi, Suguna, Julien, Padma, Priya and Anirudh( you are most welcome to my home any time:)) for your sweet comments.