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I am late by one week. But ofcourse we can celebarate Onam when my son has got week end holiday . Today is the weekend holiday for him and celebarated Onam today along with his and my ddils friends at his home. These are the available flowers around his house.
I managed it with.
(Not forget to see my plastic canvas work placed at the centre).

Rangoli: Pookalam


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lovely poo kolam viji mam...unga ekolamium vekka marakkaama irundeengale....super....

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very nice atha pookkalam

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Flowers from nearby garden? lovely. what are the flowers used?Look like wild flowers. I too have done long back poo kolam made of flowers from my garden. If I get the photo will upload it. So your ekolam design is the centre of attraction for the guests?

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Nice to see a Triangular Flower arrangement .. Loved the colors of flowers.
But I feel the picture is too small for me to see your ekolam and identify the flowers...

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Unique design (triangular) flower kolam is good. A bigger image size would have been better and cleared the doubt of Rajamma mam.

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pink flowers made the design so elegant and superb shades of pink, yes i too think the picture is too small to enjoy, dear.

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Different trangular pookkalam. I too havetaken snaps of my pookkalams and I will upload as soon as my comp is ok and i am able to do the cpompressing as my disk space is overinikolam.

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Lovely lilac triangular poo kolam vijiji.

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so different triangular pookkalam viji.very nice with your plastic mat.

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Great job Viji - would have been nice to see a bigger image though Smile