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its my another simple freehand kolam.i made this kolam on Aadi second friday.

Rangoli: rangoli


yashhegde's picture

very nice.

jkmrao's picture

Simple, but very pretty! Nice colours too. The central pink leaf could have been worked out differently to give a vertical mirror to go well with the total symmetry.

Regards! - mOhana

ammuchandhini's picture

beautiful freehand kolam aruna....it looks as if painted...

Radha Vasudevan's picture

simply superb....

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Pleasing colors,. nice free hand design, and well drawn. Ur drawings resembles that of Brindhaji's.Yes, I too feel like mOhanaji, that the centre leaf could have been modified to give a miror image.

aichumohan's picture

very nice color combination... Smile great work...

nithyaashok's picture

wow, very nice colouring and nice drawing, the colours spread in the kolam look like a paint , Great!

P.Veni's picture

Very beautiful.

chandy's picture

Fantastic. Colours are so pleasing and put very nicely.

anushree's picture

Such a beautiful freehand design and such lovely colours! Thanks for posting!

Vasi's picture

Beautiful kolam.Mirror painting pol erukku.

dibbutn's picture

Very beautiful design and lovely coloring... yes I too felt that the central design could hv been different or maybe in a different color at least

jayamohan's picture

Nice freehand floral design and colors.

Vinci's picture

Like everyone said looks like a painting. The border lines are bold and cripsy.

viji_j86's picture

Nice design

Rajusree's picture

Very nciely done. Beautiful coloring.

brindhanagesh's picture

Very beautifully drawn kolam, Aruna:) The colours are so evenly spread and looks like a painting. The casual strokes and curves are very beautiful. Of course the central leaf part could have been differently designed to add more beauty to this kolam.

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thanks for all comments.

Agilas's picture

neatly drawn, colour combination is too good.

judelined's picture

Neat work Aruna - nice colours too Smile everyone has said what i felt when I saw the image so I am not going to repeat it - on the whole a lovely work of art Smile

lakshmiraghu's picture

beautiful strokes and colour combination

anirudh's picture

beautiful....good colored flowers

hamsalakshmi's picture

beautiful colouring