Rangoli designs

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Welcome to ikolam!
Chennai is getting hotter this week, and your rangoli makes "things" cool down a bit around us. Smile
Thank you for sharing this design with us! Wish you a happy Sankranthi/Pongal.

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Party is on for Sankranthi !! beautiful colour combination


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Unique kolam

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Adhi ma'am incidentally I have this kolam with me... you have done full justice to this... very nice and beautifully drawn... really COOL!!! I should say Smile

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Aadhi maam, what to say it is so good are you planning to give any ice cream party for all the members of ikolam. please do not forget me. is it not friends ?????????? Alovely icecream treat for the eyes.

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Cooool ..... rangoli. I prefer the fresh fruits since having a very bad cold.

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wow...nice concept, so geared up for comming summer with this cool treat for us? i dont mind having icecreams in winter too...thank you.

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very nice concept...thanks for the treat!!!it come out very well.waiting to see more of ur creations.

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Does anyone know of a "YUMMY" kolam - well here it is - so apt for the present Chennai climate Smile

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I scream "Ice cream"! Good idea.

Regards! - mOhana