rangoli type maa kolam

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a kolam made for karthigai deepam mixing rangoli designs with basic padi kolam design.

Rangoli: rangoli type maa kolam


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Good paDikOlam with a "folkish" look. Use of red clay would have enhanced the beauty of this.

Regards! - mOhana

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You're created a nice fusion of pretty elements Deepa. Wonderful! Smile

Rajusree's picture

Very nice design. Good work.

Uma Iyer's picture

Very good maa kolam, and good imagination. Use of chemman will enhance the beauty.



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wow!! grand maa kolam!!!..very nice cute designs..loos very rich,your Patience speakes here...

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wow very wonderful Deepa well done.

nithyaashok's picture

Though there is shortage of space, you have did a great job and the kolam has come out as perfect padikolam!

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too good design, looks like those wall hases(rangoli) of Haalakki people. i think only space is the constraint.

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Deepa ma'am pretty one... I liked the way you snugged your kolam without altering anything into the space ... maybe a little kaavi would have made the kolam look more elegant... this is beautifull too

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Very nice padikolam.

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Nice design and neatly executed Deepa. Seeing yours and Pushpa mam's maakolams, i also feel like trying once.

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Designer padikolam looking very grand. mmm.... innum space irundhaal summaa kalakkeeruppeenga!