Red Peppers

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I admire Pushpa's maakolam and her style. To give a start for the inspiration, I made this 7x1 kolam, trying to bring out chillies by colouring it.
I couldn't recollect where I saw this design and I had drawn it on my sticker pottu cover, the only available source of paper even in outdoors.
Please give your views and expecting your suggestions..

Rangoli: Red Peppers


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lovely vinci... so cute! suguna murugesan

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Lovely maakolam vinci...yes pa...d red coloured portions look like red hot it mustard u have used in d centre....

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Vinci, with red chillies, manjal podi ,dhania podi and garam masala in side this , ur wet arisi maavu kolam is very tasty.

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Very very cute,vinci

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Thank you Suguna, Rani (The brown is the filter coffee and the lighter shade, instant coffee mixed with rice flour), RajamAmma for your sweet (Spicy Smile comments.

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Very nice and different (spicy) ma kolam. Nice yellow colour.

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Lovely creation vinci. The red hot chillies are very sweet.

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Suda suda saapaadu irukkoo illiyoo, samiyal kolam READY!! (whether there is hot food or not, cookery kolam is ready) haha...

Vinci, your maakolam has come out very nicely - not bad, the strokes are steady (needs to get a bit more even) and there are no spills anywhere - excellent colouring with podis from your provision stock. Just like Purni, Pushpa and Sowmi you have made a border to match your kolam which is cute.. OMG you have copied a kolam on your sticket pottu cover!!

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red hot kolam done so cool vinci

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wow ...vinci.. excellent inspirational kolam with all the masala powders added along with wet maavu looks very HOT!!! ...I liked it.

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Cute, attractive & spicy red chilly kolam, Vinci. Your chilly design & colouring pattern has given a very interesting dimension to a simple chikku kolam!! Smile

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Red chillies hanging from the plant! Simple and lovely maa kolam

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Lovely creation vinci.hmmm ....ha... hot !!!heheheh

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Nice n colourful kolam vinci....

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Nice chilli kolam neatly drawn and well coloured border is very cute.

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wow vinci ma'm ...this is awesome....the red chillies makes it soo unique and different....very good try

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Thanks Pragaya, Padma, Judy, Uma, Sowmya, Sindhuja, Chandy (you are most welcome to share the harvest :), Lakshmi (Do you need Coke or Miranda?), Jayanthi, Veena, Anirudh for your sweet comments.

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Wow Vinci, this is awesome dear... Chilli powder, haldi pdr, dhania pdr, nice spicy kolam... and the admiration is mutual dear... thank u so much for this