Remake kolam

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Thanks to Rajam, I was tempted to make this kolam done by Suba recently. Due to popular demand I found a wooden plank and tried it out with my new technique. I am not very happy with the outcome as the overlapping strokes are not quite clear in some places. This is because the plank had some scratches on it and the ear bud was not able to glide through properly, still I decided to share this with all of you for your valuable suggestions and comments. Suba especially yours...

Rangoli: Remake kolam


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Beautifully made ur version of this kolam jkm sir suggested did u try d negative in this kolam ....

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lovely treat for us cos today 3 members have given this kolam their own style!!!! suguna murugesan

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Waw , nice try. I could feel that it is not upto ur full satisfaction, but a new trial . So go ahead and achiive what u are capable of. ( by the way I am woorried whether it is the rice powder used , are u reusing it or wasting it after the kolam is removed?)

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what can I say jude about your work?As usual fantastic.very very nice.Here I have to tell a truth jude.It is not my own design.Thanks go to the unknown person who gave this design through dinamalar erode version.

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Judy, this broken line chikku kolam looks very casual! Good try! Suba, thanks for the big and smaller versions!

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nice try judy, looks difrnt than ur usual strokes

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Wow, Judy! Your effort to present this pretty kolam in your unique style has given us a lovely treat. Thanks for this enjoyment... Smile

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Thanks a lot Rani (no I am yet to try it), Suguna, Rajam (no worries that is kolapodi with a little ricepodi mixed in it, and definitely reused - will definitely make it more perfect next time), Suba (so glad you liked it - no probs where it is taken from, you made it in your version and uploaded it na), Jaya, Uma and Sindhu for your encouragement and comments..

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with all the destruction in the wooden plank, the kolam has come out excellent.

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Judy this attempt is very nice pa but as u said the scratches in the plank is making the kolam look slightly distorted, yet it is not easy to do a kolam in this style, like they are overlapping. I am sure if the plank was a smooth one, this would have looked wonderful...

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Good attempt, but would have looked more beautiful if done in the regular way. I think there amy be limitations to this technique if the pattern is quite large.

Regards! - mOhana

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good idea...vey nice ceation....keep it up

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Thanks Padma, Pushpa, JKM (yes indeed I agree with you, this pattern is too large for this style) and Laks for your words of encouragement..

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Beautiful sikku kolam Judy.. -Indira Sundar

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Wow, beautiful work Judy mam.


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nice attempt with big kolam judy....may be got too much knotted in the center ...looks like all lines contesting with other first me first Smile

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Beautifully made in wooden plank ....overall I see no problems with your work Judy...

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Thank you Indira, Maha, Anirudh (absolutely right) and Sowmi (that's sweet) for your encouraging comments..

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Your presentation is an unique creation Judy. I feel if you had done in any other medium, that would have been a jujubi work to you, But creatiing impression with buds, again redoing at the junctions, a tedious job indeed. All to the above I'm much drawn to your patience Judy Smile

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Thanks a ton for your sweet words Vinci..