ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all....HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY TO ALL....hope u like this dotted kolam 39 dots-7 times, 37dots 6 times, 31 dots 4 times, 25 dots-4times , 15 dots-2times...ur views pl...



Vinci's picture

Republic Wishes to you.
Oh Rani, I'm amazed by your kolam, 39!!. Awesome!! The first thought crossed my mind was about placing the dots, that should have taken much time. A big Applause for a good symmetry and neat execution. In the thumbnail view the coloring aspect is well seen. You could have colored to the word "Republic" in blue.
This time no way for high jump, long jump only a parachute jump Wink

lakshmiraghu's picture

wow!!! wonderful kolam rani...hats off to your many dots!!!!looks like a mat..keep itup

Suguna Murugesan's picture

wow! mam asathitinga!!!! suguna murugesan

jasree's picture

Awesome Rani..... Your republic day kolam is very huge n attractive. I admire your patience... A great salute to u n thank u for the wishes....

Lata's picture

Wonderful work, Rani! I need to revisit again to get more of this. Smile

P.Veni's picture

Excellent work,Rani.Hats off.

maheshwarisekar's picture

what a creativity ! beautiful mam...

smahalakshmi's picture

Rani mam, So sweet, Wonderful. I liked this kolam Rani mam, Nice creativity.


ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u vinci(haha...long and high jump was a big budget for a parachute eh...), lakshmi, thanks suguna, jasree, latha(do come back and have fun in counting d total no; of dots for me...haha), veni, maheswarisekar,and thanks maha....thanks all once again....

vijaysowmya's picture

Wow...supero super.....what a kolam from you with a good symmetry and uniform strokes all over...your patience to do such a kolam is really amazing....very very well done...

judelined's picture

No parachute and all Vinci - it is TAKE DIVERSION!! Rani will jump across the neighbour's fence to go out and come in - haha. Phew!! Rani I am sure your back must be aching after you complete this stunner which would have taken easily about 2 to 3 hours to complete na?? Dot putting is the most strenuous job for sure. Wish there was some kind of stencil for putting dots - that would make life easier for so many of us - what do you say??Truly amazing work Rani - very very neatly executed - I like the way you used your colours but I go with Vinci on the blue colour - how come you missed that. Those blue dots in between are too small to really make an impact..

Sarasp's picture

Whoa Rani! what a grand kolam Smile simply Beautiful...
If the center two blocks of the design were drawn with blue it would have looked like the blue ashoka chakra... but even then it looks amazing Rani !

chandy's picture

romba romba azahgu!

rojababu's picture

Its really very neat and very beautiful work!!!!!!
I truely want to appreciate your passion for kolams and also your creativity

veena manigandan's picture

Grand big kolam. Stunned to see your effort of putting dots for such a big kolam and finishing this with nice crispy strokes. Very nice. Great to see all the special kolams of the experts today,.

subashini's picture

வார்த்தைகள் இல்லை வர்ணிக்க ,
வண்ணங்களை நிரப்பவில்லை கோலத்தில் -உங்கள்
எண்ணங்களை நிரப்பிவிட்டீர்கள்
இமயத்தில் கொடிநாட்டி ,இந்திய பெருமை
உயர்த்தியவன் ஒரு சேர மன்னன் .
ஐ கோலத்தில் ,ஒரு அழகு கோலம் போட்டு
பெண்ணின் பெருமையும், இந்த மண்ணின் பெருமையும்
உயர்த்தியவர் எங்கள் அருமை தோழி ராணி,ராணி, ராணி .

jkmrao's picture

Glorious and glowing! May the Indian republic too shine like this!

Regards! - mOhana

sreegiri's picture

wonderful kolam!

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u sowmi, judy(haha...lovely idea for a stencil to put d dots...yes dear d dots itself took half an hour and finished d kolam in another hour...actually i thought of spreading d tricolour in d middle block and then write d letters...but then after so much of balled and tiptoe- ing already done...i couldn't haha), thank u saras, chandy, rojababu, veena, suba(aahaa what a poem ammu couldn't control her laughter yesterday- night when i recited d poem to her...she said over aah than tooki vechirukkaange unnai nnu...haha), thnks jkm sir and sreegiri for ur sweetest comments....

Radhikha 3's picture

simply superb

Padma Prakash's picture

Excellent and wonderful kolam. The idea of representing the flag is good. The kolam looks very grand. Thank you RAni.

anirudh's picture

woow...awesome, very nice way of conveying the wishes raniji....looks like you talked with brindhaji the previous day :)....very thoughtful....just a thought,.. one blue diamond in center for all lines would have made it more appealing as the blue filling is not visible more.

brindhanagesh's picture

Such a huge kolam, Rani! very neat and bold strokes and very pretty. The first word Thangam aunty (my MIL) said is "pramaadham' after seeing this kolam.

Chethan Srinivasan's picture

Gr8 work Rani Mam. Really superb kolam.


subashini's picture

Illai Rani, pugazhchikkaaga sollavillai.Nijamaagave yen nenjai kavarndha kolam adhu.paarthavudan yezhundhu oru solute nam naatukkum , ungal kolaththukkum serthu oru adikka thondriyadhu."unmai idhu verum pugazhchi yillai yendru ungal magaLidam dheiriyamaga sollungal"

alameluranganath's picture

wow wonder ful and nice one. gud one.

bsindhuja's picture

Bright and beautiful - just like all your other creations.
- Sindhuja

umaraja's picture

soooooooo sweettttttt of u rani, whatever fn it is u show ur fullest enthu in doing a spl kolam for it, ur festive mood shows how enriching and entertaining person u r !

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u radhika, padma, anirudh, brinda(so happy to hear ...i think after my aadi perukku kolam this is d second kolam liked by ur mil...convey my thanks to her..), chetan, suba again ...haha, priya, sindhujha and uma....thanks again to all...