sa chaturmukha shaNmukha ...

jkmrao's picture

Here is a collage of squares displaying hexagonal symmetry. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: sa chaturmukha shaNmukha ...


ammuchandhini's picture

Lovely pattern jkm sir...looks like colourful chiklets(bubblegums which we get here)...arranged so beautifully...

smahalakshmi's picture

Very nice pattern. If we look at it for a long time, i feel that we may get hypnotised.


Lata's picture

Yum. Chicklets. Rani, it is hard to find chicklets where we live. We can find gum-sticks (sort of ribbon strips) very easily though.

Vinci's picture

Pretty pattern mOhanaji. Couldn't chose the best as I like all the four combinations.
Chicklets, bubblegum, Oh no, I'm in an alien land without these yummy treats.

lakshmiraghu's picture

wow!!lovely colours...yes rani ur right it looks like chiklets...excellent design...

P.Veni's picture

Excellent pattern,sir

alameluranganath's picture

gud design

brindhanagesh's picture

This looks like chiklets as well as the wire bag designs we used o make long back (pattai wires also called swastik branded wires). Pretty, Mohanaji:)

dibbutn's picture

Wow JMK sir, I loved this... I am imagining these as earrings, matching our clothes (women's mind uff)

sudhamani.ks's picture

Fantastic permutation and combination of wheels with squares resulted with good designs.

sjnt's picture

Well designed. Would love to have pendants like these in different colours.[Gold vikkira vilaiyil.......... in the price gold sells......]

Padma Prakash's picture

Lovely and very pretty pattern. Colour combo is too good. Thank you jkm sir.

judelined's picture

I also remembered chiklets when I saw this one - very pretty JKM Smile