Second (For the want of a better name) :)

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This is a kolam with 9x9 parallel dots. I tried it out with sand colours on my table :), but didn't like the look of the colours too much. I wish I had chrome yellow, sap green, a nice purple, maroon, etc. I'm dreaming big here Smile

Rangoli: Second (For the want of a better name) :)


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I love the green-blue fade effect in the edges. The black outline makes it stand out even better. Smile

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Preeti, this coloring style in unique, very nice I like it.

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you have a great color sense like your mother and grandma.very good and attractive.

jayamohan's picture

But for the yellow all colors look perfect. Looks like a bunch of colorful pigeons flying.

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Thanks for the nice comments Subhashini ma'am, Rajamma aunty and Jaya aunty... Jaya aunty, I had just one yellow with me :(, I did not like it either... I'm trying to get hold of some better colours Smile

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pl avoid madam preethi.Thank you

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Preeti very nice colour match..i like looks different!!black out line gives rich look to this.keep it up

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

a new unique floral design, good colours.

dibbutn's picture

Preeti maam this is a lovely design... and lovely shading with sober colors

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Preethi ,shading is soo good and pleasing to the eyes

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Looks great. Good sense of coloring. Loved your work.

sreegiri's picture

Nice work. The table back round is more beautiful for the kolam.

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Oh oh. Preeti, the beauty of this image just took over my entire concentration, and I didn't even realize this was a dotted kolam. Beautiful work. I'll change the category name later on.

Naviprem's picture

A very new design on straight dots. Shading is amazing. Expecting more new designs. Thanks.

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone... Smile

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A cute stunning beauty Preeti - looks really good (saw this in your FB album already I think) - you really work wonders with your colouring knacks - keep it up Smile

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Yes Judy aunty... you did see this on FB Smile