Sikku & Freehand Kolam

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I just tried the middle sikku kolam first. then I thought of extending it further. So result is below. Felt satisfied by the creation and hence uploaded to share with you all.

Rangoli: Sikku & Freehand Kolam


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beautiful fusion kolam padma mam...

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centre chikku kolam is the same as Veni's centre kolam recently published. Padma you have given a nice border and neat kaavi to appear as a flower rangoli.

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padma, beautifull drawn fusion kolam and also ur creativity is also gr8

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nice fusion kolam:)

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very nice and kavi is gud and attractive to this kolam

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Jooraa irukku. Photo, night eduthadhaa?

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beautiful kolam.

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nice fusion kolam padma

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The pattern and the finish are good. One of these days, I must try the inner design with strings.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice conversion of a simple chikku kolam Smile