Sikku-kolam -17

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This is a simple 4(2) to 2 kolam. As the floor was white I drew the kolam with kavi powder. Hope you like the new experiment.

Rangoli: Sikku-kolam -17


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very lovely design padma.

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so sharp and divine kaavi kolam padma

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Wow. THis kaavi colour kolam looks very pretty.


chandy's picture

Very nice

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well done kavi kolam red kolam in white background....

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Looks pretty

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The kaavi compliments the background... Padma maam i love the color of ur kaavi, deep and dark brown

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Looks pretty..looks different.keep itup

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Dark brown colour kolam is so cute Padmaji.

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simple dotted kolam, with cute decoration. Kaavi lines looking great on thisfloor.

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Thank you friends for your comments.

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very pretty

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lovely kolam...!!!!

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Cute design done beautifully.

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Very nice..

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a simple kolam became elegant by your work.

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nice design.

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Very Nice Kolam Padma.... Before Rani views this I will book this kolam for Kuzhal version.... What Rani? O K

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Beautiful kolam padma and it looks nice in contrast to d floor....

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Pretty kolam Padma..

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wow very nice design looks great