Sikku Kolam - 48

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Hello Friends,This kolam drawn today.Dots - 19-10. Sides - 3-2-1.Your Views on it!!

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 48


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Nice kolam.Very neatly done with good choice of colors.

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Veni mam, your kolam is very beautiful.


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lovely choice of cols with neat strokes veniiii....just one to go...and then waiting for ur treat.....

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Thank you anu,mahalakshmi and rani...

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Veni maam excellent work maam... looks very beautiful... half century kolam-ka waiting

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Pretty flowers inside chikku kolam.. Waiting for your 50th kolam..

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Azhagu kolam. Andha flowers, wheel pola sutthuramaadiriye irukku.

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Thank you pushpa,vinci and jayanthi.

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beautiful fusion kolam...

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Neni, I try this kolam during Margazhi every year but it never came so attractive like yours!

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Very pretty, this tells that the whole world is inter-connected!

Regards! - mOhana

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I have this in my collection and have put it many times, but never had the opportunity to picture it so far. Neatly done Veni Smile From which floor do you take pictures of your kolams?? I have always wanted to ask you this question as you get a wonderful view always Smile

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Very Excellent kolam!!! It is as usual very pretty. Sorry Veni!!! I missed this kolam to comment immediately

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Thank you lakshmi,jaya mam,jkm sir,judy and jasree.We try to keep the camera above six to eight feet from the floor,judy.......

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yeah true, u take the pics in right angle..
and nice share veni ji.. i liked the way u have colored the flowers.

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very neat kolam veni.