Sikku Kolam - 57

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Hello Friends,This coloured sikku kolam drawn today.Hope you like it......

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 57


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Beautiful one veni...nice cols used for d opposite kolams...

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Very Nice sikku kolam veni. I liked it very much...

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Wow. Your sikku kolam looks very pretty.


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Chikku kolam in a different dimension - very pretty Veni Smile

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Lovely coloured sikku kolam Veni. On that background blue and pink is looking great.

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Thank you rani,jasree,mahalakshmi,judy and padma.

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wow, so sharp and so colorful

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Very nice and different. Very patiently done.

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I really like it. Colours define easy tracing.

Regards! - mOhana

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cute kolams with nice coloring

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This is looking as though drawn with sketch pen on a paper. Who wouldn't like this pretty kolam!

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Very cute and neat!

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very beautiful....looks like a have used colours in a nice way....I liked it..

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Thank you uma,pragaya,jkm sir,rajamma mam,brinda,jaya mam and vijayasowmya.

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Veni maam this looks very very beautiful with the colors....good work maam

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Beautiful with colors and a neat ouline to the chikku kolam.. Pretty work..

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Very nice and different

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Very neat and cute .Easy to follow.Pl. try some more in this fashion.

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cool one veni.

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Thank you Pushpa,Vinci,Lakshmi,Sudhamani,Jayanthi mam............

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Very cute chikku design Veni ! nice coloring too !
Well done Smile

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beautiful veni mam.

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Veni I am your fan - you are such a wonderful chikku kolam expert Smile

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OMG - can't believe I have actually cleared my backlog in commenting - a big load off my back finally Smile