Sikku Kolam - 62

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Hello Friends,This simple Sikku Kolam drawn today.Dots - 9-9.Hope you like it.

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 62


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nice Veni mam.

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veni maam, if you had given blue color touch in the middle it would have been the colors Saare jahan se accha

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Wow..ordinary kolam looking diff just becoz of ur col shading...well done veni...

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Veni mam, your kolam looks very nice.


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Veni Mam colouring adds beauty to the sikku kolam. Rani Mam rightly said.

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wow!!very nice.looks different....

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Different way of coloring a simple chikku kolam!

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Thank you malar,sudha,rani,mahalakshmi,kameswari,lakshmi,jaya mam..

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you have made the kolam look very beautiful just by adding colours in a different way......

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Thank you sowmya.

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super veni

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veni, super coloring .very nice.

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slender and thin ,nice coloring

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nice one veni

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Good one

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Very nice sikku kolam with different way of colouring

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cute chikku kolam nicely framed in color background.

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I like this, very imaginatively drawn and coloured. If only one could really frame it!

Regards! - mOhana

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WoW! Pretty work and neatly executed.

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Very innovative idea. I have seen kolam drawn on colour base. But this is totally different, new and nice.

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I want to add one more comment. The nelis are very stylish. This proves that even a simple kolam can be made beautiful with good execution.

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very nice....and good to see colors filled sikkus Smile

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Thank you indu,suba,uma,alamelu mam,veena,jasree,rajamma mam,jkm sir,lata,vinci pragaya, and anirudh.

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Veni maam excellent kolam with good coloring and beautiful neat thin lines. I liked this a lot

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Lovely. Can be reserved for republic day.

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Thank you pushpa and jayanthi mam.

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Veni, very nice sikku kolam and you have filled with colours very creatively.

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A perfect looking carpet Veni - lovely work Smile