Sikku Kolam - 68

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Hello Friends,Due to family commitments i could not participate in the contest.This is one of my Marghazhi Kolam.Dots - 19-19.Hope you like it....

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 68


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Yey...veni is back...lovely kolam veni...and waiting to see all ur left out margazhi d coming days..

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Very neat and beautiful sikku kolam ... the little red flowers r also cute..-Indira Sundar

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Veni I was thinking you will give a tuff competition to RANI. After putting the dots u could have asked her to take the photo of this itself and upload for the contest. Anyhow u have prooved already you are one of the few in ikolam who can put any kind of chikku kolam in a beautiful way with your slender strokes.

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Aiyoo Veni maam we will miss a treat from u... though each one of ur kolams is a treat to us, we will miss the special treat for the contest... this kolam looks excellent dear... it is like a coy simple village girl, simple looking yet pretty.

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omg , u didnt participate, expected your submission a lot, its ok dear, both u and rani give grand treats not only for contest but for each and every day, this kolam looks bright with kaavi and very well executed,

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Nice to see you after a long time veni....very sad that you are not participating in the contest.. we will miss you a lot....About the kolam this is another fabulous presentation of chikku kolam with very thin and crisp strokes...

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Lovely kolam.
Going to miss you in the contest. But not your marghazi kolams:)

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Simply super chikku kolam with beautiful hibiscus.

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I am really dissappointed Veni because your kolam is not in the contest:(
This is really very pretty as Pushpa said. I also go with Rajammaji's words.

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Veni mam, your kolam looks so pretty. Also, feeling so sad that u r not there in the contest. Veni mam illama, Chikku kolam contest a?


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Very nice - perfectly done kolam. All your kolams are worth to participate in the contest. Neat strokes and thin lines gives a special touch to your kolam. Very nice.

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Veni as always you have a knack with chikku kolams and this one is no different. Neat to the core. Sad you could not take part in the contest (just like me - but what to do)

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Lovely! Looks like a cat or a sofa in the corners. The red colour adds a fine contrast and enhances the overall beauty.

Regards! - mOhana

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You have already won the contest by putting such beautiful chikku kolams. This kolam is no exception. Your lines are intricate and thin adding to the beauty of the kolam.

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Simply super chikku kolam

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It is very nice to see veni's pretty work after a long time....As usual you kolam looks very fantastic.....