Sikku Kolam - 73

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Hello Friends, This is one of my Marhazhi kolams.Dots - 21-1. Hope you like it......

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 73


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I vote for 5 stars for its presentation and neatness. The orange kaavi color attracts me a lot Smile

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Veni mam, this is very very beautiful with kaavi outline.


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nice chikku kolam!!! nice srokes!-suguna murugesan

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This kolam is looking too good . the orange border gives a very grand look...superb one:)

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Beautiful chikku design. The brown border adds to the richness of the kolam.

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Excellent chikku kolam. Very apt thin lines.

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Veni, you are back with a beautiful chikku kolam!

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neat wk veni, ur hibiscus makes my guess easily through d thumbs, kaavi outline adds more beauty( rani hope u r soooooo happy now)

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Thank you vinci,mahalakshmi,suguna,sowmya,sinduja,pragaya,jaya mam and uma.

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Veru cute kolam.

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very beautiful sikku kolam with flower dear.

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So very cute. Veni maam, i admire ur neat and wonderfully thin strokes.. This kolam looks so beautiful with just a hint of kaavi... very very beautiful

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Lovely sikku kolam with neat strokes.....

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Serene! Neat work. I feel as if I am in a temple. Thanks for the treat Veni. Smile

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Thanks for d visual treat veni ...looking gorgeous with ur thin lines...hmmmm!!!!! all i can do is this..(perumuchu pa..haha)

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Looks like four towers or four cars (rathAs), nice attempt.

Regards! - mOhana

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very beautiful sikku kolam....... nice srokes!-

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Indha kolathai alli konjanum pola irukku Veni (can someone please translate this for me) - semma cute - the four corners with those tiny lotus flowers look really sweet

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What a cripsy strokes and neat lines. Very nice.

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hi veni. Your kolams are nice and impressive.Expecting some more from you. Thanks!!