Sikku Kolam - 80

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Hello Friends, This simple joint sikku kolam done by me. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: Sikku Kolam - 80


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Stylish 9-1 kolams well connected. Nice stroke play as usual.

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simply superb, the strokes looks very fine

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wow! ur way of strokes r so beautiful! neat n super!-suguna murugesan

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Very different and pretty chikku pattern. Looks like some birdies are peeping out from your 9-1 chikku kolams.

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Veni mam, Lovely chikku kolam. Strokes are so thin and perfect.


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very nicely connected kolam veni.

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Excellent thin stroke kolam. Neatly drawn kolam.

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stylish curve strokes is ur speciality veni

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Lovely sikku joint kolam looking so lovely on ur new floor veni....hmmm..tempting me too to prepare a new floor like this...haha

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Superbly connected kutty kutty kolams which looks very fresh with your ever pretty thin and casual strokes...

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Beautiful way of playing with small kolams to make them look big and different - wonderful work Veni.

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Thank you rajamma mam,sudha,suguna,sinduja,mahalaksmi,suba,pragaya,uma,rani,sowmya and judy.

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Lovely chikku kolam and I like the small interlinking kolam, Good thought.

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Very nice joint sikku kolam. The stylish curves are good.

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Almost 250 dots( Vinci, am I correct?) and you call it a simple kolam?

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Wow only you can do such a good job of joining two kolams to make it into one... such neatness and the kombu like pattern enhances the kolam more.. very beautiful Veni mam

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loks very nice stylish curve strokes gives rich look to this

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Nice sikku kolam veni!!!!!

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Another beauty from the hands of vENI ma'am.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you vinci,padma,jayamam,pushpa,lakshmi,jasree and jkm sir.

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very stylishly done veniji...looks pretty as ever...thanks for the idea Smile