Simple chikku kolam

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I think I will make kitchen top kolams like this till I receive Pushpa's nylon podi courier parcel - what Pushpa ok va??

This is a very simple 5 - 3 chikku kolam with an outer border..

Rangoli: Simple chikku kolam


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Judy darling, I think I will not buy u the kolapodi, cos i feel u dont need them he he... this is so beautifully done dear... I like the illusion u have created like overlapping strokes... Coming to the point pa, I went on Tuesday evening to get the kolapodi but the shop was so crowded, there was hardly an inch to stand so i thot i will cm back later and went 3 times to check, but it was still crowded, it seems it was an auspicious day where if u light 5 lamps with 5 different oils in them, it is good, (some news on TV) so it was so very crowded pa, really believe me i went to see... surely in another week or so i will try and get it ok va, till then treat us with lovely kolams like this, i enjoy whatever u do, cos whatever u do looks magical...

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Superb! You have proven that the size of the kolam does not matter. What matters is the new and novel ideas that go into putting such kolams. Very nice.

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Superb concept. Think it is rice flour. Very neatly done.

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Great Judy mam, lovely kolam with novelty. Great, we want treat like this, Pusha mam, please postpone your idea to buy the nylon podi for another one month. We will get such treats often from judy mam!

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Judy, I can imagine you singing a song (ஆட வரலாம்....) and your finger dancing on the flour!

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I think you were in a happy mood loitering inside the kitchen and an idea struck to execute this lovely kolam to share your happiness to us Smile
Ahaa, Pushpa A very big explanation he hee... No probs we really happy with Judy's innovations Smile

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wow aunty wow... nothin cums to my mind... wow wow only wow's.. Smile

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Lovely creation,judy

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Oh Judy your finger has danced very well on the rice floor medai ( or is it kolapodi?). Pushpa, u can delay ur parcel till Judy gives some treat on her kitchen top like this.

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judy super kutty kolam.

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Wow Wow Excellent creation. This is quite similar to what I did on stool with the help of tooth brush.

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I never expected such lovely comments from all of you as I had done this very very casually (as Vinci said, loitering in the kitchen and suddenly a spark created this). Thanks so much Pushpa for taking so much trouble for me - no hurry at all my dear, don't strain yourself please and I sincerely believe what you have said. Hope to live upto your expectations too. Thanks Pragaya, Jayashubha (this is kolapodi and ricepodi mix), Nithya, Jaya (haha, now I too am imagining that song and my finger dancing), Vinci (you hit the nail on the head), Kalpu (muaah), Veni, Rajam, Usha and Padma (I used my index finger dear) for your encouraging words - I am so happy...

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Lovely innovative work, Judy. For sure your finger has danced - that too with a lot of grace and elegance!! Thank you - I am enjoying this cute beauty.... Smile

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Very nice n creative idea Judy. Exp. more from u....

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It is indeed beautiful ma'am. You can do one more thing. Take a negative of the picture and see the effect, you'll be surprised (I did it).

Regards! - mOhana

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hai jude!!! innovative! creative! artistic! ........etc suguna murugesan

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Very beautiful design and novel thought judy...

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Jude Mam very nice creation and neat one

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Lovely creation,judy.....good idea.....

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hi judi,enjoyed seeing ur family photo,and i appreciate ur creativity and gives a new dimension also.expecting more kolam in different dimension from u.

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very nice creation.

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Thanks a lot Sindhu, Jayanthi, JKM (must try out your suggestion and see), Suguna, Rani, Radhika, Lakshmi, Vasanthi and Sree for your lovely comments..

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judy, i just love ur creative intelligent presence of mind, something superb,,

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Very beautiful kolam. No words to explain. I think fingers dance may be the opt word to honour your

While reading the replies I saw a mention of kitchen table top. I want to know the details.
Whether you will practice the kolam inside the kitchen when the cooking is going on.


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amazing judy....soo leisurely done ....but turned out to be magnificent
...pushpaji, we are with you ...don't send kolapudi Smile

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What an amazing creation this is Judy...looks fabulous..

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Thanks a lot Uma, Amita (actually after cooking, washing and stacking of vessels are done I will make these kolams because only then there will be enough space for me to play with), Anirudh (you too Brutus??) and Sowmi for your sweet comments..

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hello judy nowdays

why r u not sending kolams da i like your kolams too much please send me new designs dont stop
i will be waiting for ur designs one thing u know u look same as my cousin aunty thats y i like u