Simple morning raaga

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This was done with wet kolam maavu. This can be kept for 2 or 3 days, wind or children cannot spoil it.

Rangoli: Simple morning raaga


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Rajamma idhu enna edam?? a black granite slab in front of your pooja stand ah?? cute kolam..

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Judy, This granite slab was cut from the kitchen top for fixing the zinc. I preserved it to put kolam. At present it is in front of the flat entrance. Soon after I put these morning Raagas I take photo to share with u all. within minutes the design will change either by wind or by the neigbour children who are tempted to put their own design on it, including my Neel.
Judy,comments can be positive or negativeor or small Arattais like this. But imagine ikolam without comments or simple lines like " good, nice, cute, colorful, very attractive etc".
I started enjoying ikolam only after posting my heartfelt comments! what others say?

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of course Rajamma - that's how we all got close na?? sharing our feelings...

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I agree with you ladies, everyday I read these comments before I get a chance to browse through news-sites (this is sort of wishing "good morning" to all of our friends) Smile

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Yes. True. Even before opening the mailbox, the first thing to open is ikolam site.

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ur words about wet maavu is very hubby stopped complaining about my 1 yr old spoiling the carpet after i started using wet now i enjoy my kolam time without sweating.

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nice work done with the Granite piece, Rajamma Ma'am... it serves your need of Morning Raaga as well as the little ones'.......

I too have done such a thing for my pooja room..... not a granite, though.... I had a tile, which I painted pitch black and painted a golden Swastika and Om on it..... this is the slab which I use to keep my Kamatchi vilakku...... cleaning the tile is also, easy..... and the pooja slab too wont be stained with oil.....

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very nice kolam Rajam.Once againt I want to thank you for giving this opportunity again what i missed.

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Beautiful wet maavu kolam rajamma i think u have purchased those rangoli books from uduppi long before itself na...lovely....