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chinnachinna kolam please send your comments and ideas give from ikolam family
it was slowly and beautifuly done on the street with morning blooming wind not a day its making me to do this kolams faster

Rangoli: Sivarathri


Lata's picture

anantharajam's picture

Wonderful!!!perfect symmetry!! thanks for sharing.

ammuchandhini's picture

woooooow prema mam such a lovely one i just cant take my eyes off with regards

toindhu's picture

wonderful work prema ma'm. looks perfect.

deepa ram's picture

a traditional welcome to the goddess Mahalaxmi is done through ur symmetrical beautiful double line kolams.ur dedication to decorate ur entrance is evident through the borders and lotuses prema mam

indu.rkc's picture

prema ur kolam is wonderful&lata ur smiley idea is also nice

sjnt's picture

Waw!!! Adadaa enna azhagu! aruge vandhu paaru....neenga Lakshmiyin sisteraa? kolathil saayal theriyudhu.

alameluranganath's picture

prema mam super a irukku.

brindhanagesh's picture

Beautiful kolam Premaji. The lotus and the border is also beautiful.

preetiN's picture

Very Beautiful Premaji... Smile Lata aunty, I'm loving your new way of commenting Smile

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Premaraghu, you are a good competetor for Lakshmiraghu.
Though small it is perfect in all respect. I like the top lotus also.

dibbutn's picture

Prema maam pretty freehand kolam... similar to Lakshmi maam's kolam... very pretty... nice to see you next to the wonderful kolam

madhuharini's picture

Exellent work like a stensil.

Lata's picture

Prema, your mom-in-law has trained you well. Smile

lakshmiraghu's picture

prema nice lace has come out very well..lotus also looks very very nice...

sreegiri's picture

Very nice and beautiful.

Rajusree's picture

That's a perfect kolam with well maintained symmetry. Lotus, border eveything looks great.

nithyaashok's picture

Really very bright and beautiful kolam, kolam azhagu, lotus athai vida azhagu, border azhagu, ellame, nengalum azhagu, azhugoo azhagu! Then who is Ganga Bhai!

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thanks alot of lakshmiragu madam.ennoda kolamnkal anithum avarkal uruvakkiyadu.azhil ethanavlakkam koduthathurku mikka nandri nithayaasoke madam.

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Excellent kolam prema ma'm.

gvidhya's picture

Wow prema.. simply superb.. lakshmi pottiku aalu vandachu.. nanga ellam inime p.s. veerapa madiri ukandu rasika vendithu than.. prema really wornderful kolam..

jkmrao's picture

I like this quite a bit. Why is it not shown bigger?

Regards! - mOhana

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here comes another lakshmi with lace rangoli's really superbly drawn. starting from the borders, lotus and finally the kolam looks very very grand.

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thank you all for the comments thank u verymuch

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wonderful, looks so neat & bright, even the lotus at the top is looking great.

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Wow, Superb... The lotus and the border looks great but couldn't enjoy its detailing work done. The contrast bright red color adds charm to the kolam.. Loved your kolam..

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Extremely beautiful kolam Prema - so neatly done. Wish we could see a larger image of the big kolam to enjoy the details too.. In fact for a second while scrolling up the picture I can feel as if the white part of the grill gate is also kolam done by you - quite an illusion to me it is Smile (Wow Lata your commenting style seems interesting - can you let us into the secret??)