Spring Garden Kolams

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Dot count - straight dots 15 - 1

This butterfly and flower (don't know the name of this flower though) kolam, is one of the many kolams I have in my collection of this kind. If I have the time I will try and make more of them and upload soon.

Rangoli: Spring Garden Kolams


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hai judy lovely photoshop kolam...even if i know this one after seeing d photoshop version it seems new...

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Breathtaking gemstone effect. you excel in whichever medium you select, be it with kolapodi or with photoshop.
This is simply photomagic.

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The centre flower with buds and creepers looks amazing. And the embedded effect adds charm to the kolam..

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superb glossy blue butterflies and the flowers with the creepers looking great, copied into my library Smile

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Thank you Rani (I agree with you as the kolam in my book looks entirely different - this is like a dressed up bride), Brindha , I am honoured by your comment, Vinci I too like the creepers very much, Anirudh you are most welcome to copy it into your library Smile

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Good colours, nice butterflies and pleasing effect! It would have been nicer if the butterflies were facing the flowers and if the background colour was different.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice butterflies aunty... They have a jewel effect Smile

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Judy beautiful kolam, love the jelly effect to it and the creepers look very pretty.. nice one

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JKM yes I agree with you on the background colour (this one is too dark maybe). Must try one with the butterflies facing the flowers sometime. Thanks Preeti and Pushpa Smile