Spring Garden Kolams - Cotton flower

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Dots - interlaced 13 - 7

Building this spring garden in ikolam is too tempting for me to stop myself from uploading one kolam a day. Since I wanted to submit a different flower, today I made this cotton flower kolam as I don't see that category in your spring collection. It took me just 15 minutes to complete this one and I am quite happy with the result. Am sure all of you too will be pleased Smile

Rangoli: Spring Garden Kolams - Cotton flower


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hai judy lovely photoshop kolam...just 15 mins konjam overappa...naan ellam hrs kannakku thaan........................i

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photoshop kolam is very beautiful judy

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Different thought.. Cotton Flower... Looks gorgeous.. 15 mins kolam.. Next 5 mins kolama???

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Thank you Rani, Alamelu and Vinci Smile

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judy super appu. finished in fifteen minutes deivame kaiyai konjam neetunga. hai fi. ennoda rendu kaiyaleyum sathathoda applause.

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Wow wonderful cotton flowers.

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Usha so sweet of you, thanks. Thanks Padma Smile

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15mins? thats great Judy...nice design...the lamps reminds the cotton wicks used in them Smile

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Looks like an embroidery.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you Anirudh and JKM for your comments Smile

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OMG 15 minutes kolam ipadina 20 minutes kolam yepadi irukum!!! Judy great pa... I want to try my hand at photoshop Sad but still got to download it... as for the kolam it is amazing dear... the white and green combo is very nice

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Oh ok this is what you were saying Pushpa - only now i understood.. Thanks for your comment Smile

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wow. wonderful photoshop kolam.

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cute cotton flowers.... ur dots looks like beads... wonderful work...let me try...

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Thanks Shobha and Radha for your comments Smile