Spring Garden Kolams - Hibiscus

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Straight dots - 8(4) - 4(2)

This is a kolam I copied from Aval Vikadan. Yesterday there was no electricity the whole day so I did not know what to do with myself. I took out my kolapodi and kolam books and started putting kolams on my kitchen top. This is one of them. I love the way this shoeflower looks and wish I had colour podi to colour it. This spring garden is too tempting to stop creating new ones.

Rangoli: Spring Garden Kolams - Hibiscus


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Hi friends - just bringing some of my kolams up in line in the comments box as I think they did not get seen due to some reason or the other. Eagerly waiting to hear your views on them Smile

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nice hibiscus...since its on kitchen top...may be need some coconut coloring that you had done for one of your other flower design Smile

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Thanks Anirudh for your comments. Wish I had some left over coconut so I could have coloured the flower like you said Smile