Spring Garden Kolams - Sunflowers

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Here is a sunflower kolam for the spring garden. Just harvested sunflowers in my farmville garden so I could not resist making one for the ikolam garden. It just took me 25 minutes to complete it. After it was done I thought maybe I should have changed the background but I did not want to take more time so I decided to upload it 'as is was is' condition.

Rangoli: Spring Garden Kolams - Sunflowers


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hai judy...nice sunflower kolam...d glossy effect is so nice...

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Thanks Rani Smile

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this is sweet sunflower, it has cadbury's gems in the center Smile ...no worries still looks good on the woodden background

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Thanks Anirudh for that boost Smile

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Nice arrangement. Could have captured the beauty of the sunflower fully. But I know it is a very difficult task.

Regards! - mOhana

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Judy I told u what a 25 min job would do and here u give me the answer in the form of this pretty kolam... I feel like holding it in my hand... it looks absolutely wonderful dear

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Azhagaana Sunflower kolam dhaan , adhukkaaga ivvalavu dhritti pottugalaa veppeenga?

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JKM maybe I should have added another layer of petals - you are right. It did not strike me when I was doing it as I copied the kolam as it is. Let me try it out and see if I can upload again. Which 25 min job are you talking about Pushpa. Thanks for your lovely comment. Rajam, kolam poota piragu romba azagha irindhudhaa, drishti pottu vechain - parthaa pathalay, pottu vechi vechi kalaithuvittain - hehe Smile

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Beautiful sunflower kolam Judy mam