Strings kolam

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hi this is a free hand design.drawn in front of my house..

Rangoli: Strings kolam


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wow lakshmi mam super!!!!-suguna murugesan

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lakshmi Mam very nice........... kolam with bright strokes .

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Wow...lakshmi...superb line doily design ...d whole image gives such a nice scattered image which is very different looking...

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Lovely table mat, the sun rays are bright in the kolam as well as in the road.

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very Beautiful rangoli... very nice with the neatly, carefully & delicately drawn thin lines, which makes the kolam look still more beautiful.

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wow... this is the real perfect kolam... each and every design and layers look so nice and great work... kalpna

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Unique string design and a wonderful perfect kolam as usual.

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Laxmi this must be a poster? Can’t be a rangoli. The lines/strokes are so straight! do you use ruler for this? Awesome darling

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Laks what a stunning beauty this is, your magical work is excellent dear... loved this, but then i cant think of one kolam that I feel is less beautiful, everything u do is just mesmerizing ... just like ur smile

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fantastic work lakshmi esp ly those lines just give a awesome look

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Truly awesome work Laks - the lines are so lovely to watch - no words to describe

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Simply superb,lakshmi.

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Wow....superbdesign.... done so elegantly and well executed....that lines give the design a great look.

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Your kolam is beauty!! Such long straight lines drawn so neatly too - only possible from the hands of an expert. I admire your thin and beautiful strings!

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hi friends many many thanks for your lovely ruler...drawn with hand only...Radhika and .suguna pl..feel free to call me Lakshmi..

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Amazing and lovely design Lakshmi.... The straight lines with uniform gap steal the show.......

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Laks, super kolam. are they kolam rays or sun's rays?

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Beautiful kolam Lakshmi, The straight lines are the enhacers.. I like this... Let me try this sometime later..(I have big pending list he hee)

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hi laxmi,once again ur lace kolam after a long time. i think ur carprt season is over. ur creations are fabulous and ur creativity is always appreciated.

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hi friends thank you sooooo much for ur lovely comments.

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Laxmi, indeed a Great work. No ruler and still such a straight line. As rajamma said it is not kolam rays it's a sun rays. Congrats and thanks for displaying such a beaaaaaaaautiful kolam to us