Swan kolam

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This is also a straight dot kolam the dot count for this kolam is 24 dots 10 rows and stop at 10.How is it?

Rangoli: Swan kolam


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Neatly drawn and colored..The border is also so cute... This is my friend's fav. kolam..-Indira Sundar

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wow...nice S shaped swans/cranes ....and nice outer decorations....looks bright on the natural ground

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bright n beautiful kolam. I like ur strokes.

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Bright and beautiful with nice borders. However, you could have chosen the colours in a systematic way so that symmetry is maintained.

Regards! - mOhana

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My favorite kolam with storks. Pretty borders and small design elements. Smile

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very well drawn and d strokes r awesome.....four borders as sikku kolam r also lovely....

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wow!! looks like a print..very neatly drawn..hmm..colours .....I agree with mOhanaji..chikku border gives rich look to this..keep it up meena..waiting to see more and more ....

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very nice and gud one. superb kolam. color combination is very gud. perfect design

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Neat and lovely strokes.colour combination superb.

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When i saw the thumbnail i just clicked casually but when i saw the real picture, am speechless! Wonderful, looks like a printed one and the two types of chikku kolam, around the main kolam are so beautiful. You could have filled the swastik also. Was it made for any occasion or festival?
of course the colour symmetry is not there but it can be excused for a kolam like this (my opinion). My mind became so fresh after seeing this kolam.

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Wow Meena maam this is so so beautiful... I love the neat strokes, the coloring, the trays with chikku kolam border, and the side chikku kolams all look perfect and beautiful... very very beautiful

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returning from my clinic, feeling tired, and then looking at such amazing, beautiful rangoli........ ahhhhhhh it's rather refreshing. i feel so good. thank you meenaji and of course how can i forget u lata mam.... your site and the kolams are so good ...............

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very nice and beautiful kolam.

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Beautiful storks rangoli. Look like a print very neatly drawn and colored. The border chikku kolams add the beauty.lwell done Meena.Are you a bird lover?

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Xellent rangoli. Feel like seeing it continuously.The corner design is beautiful.

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Awesome maam, really wonderful thin strokes. looks as though it is like a print

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meena maam this is very beautiful. colour kannai parikudhu.

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Thank u for all giving nice comments it is encouraging me to put more colour kolams because of all these sweet kolam lovers......................................

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Cute and neat rangoli,bright tooo

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wow - Meena this is so neat and beautiful and like Brindha said maybe the colour symmetry could be excused here. I just love those little decorations in the four corners Smile

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very neat and beautiful kolam. The borders around are really cute.

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This is one lovely kolam You have done it soo neatly, very attractive.