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I saw some svAstika rangOlis and thought it fit to upload this among the several I created. Actually, it was not my intention to create the svAstika. I was trying to create patterns with a Tamil letter. The svAstikAs were the result.

The puzzle is: find out the letter!

Rangoli: Swastika


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Mohana, you just took the idea of creating new patterns to a whole new level, didn't you?
It keeps getting better and better! This is pure fun.
Now lets see who could solve this puzzle!

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I think I've the answer Mohana, but I'm going to wait a day to see if someone else responds with the correct answer Wink

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Is it the tamil letter Gha

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diferent creativity. all the best Mohana.

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This is a good novel attempt. I think it is the Tamil letter Ta.

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I thought it was Ta too.

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i think this is akku ie. the three dots , the last letter of a, aa, e, ee,
the thickened blue lines are the akku dots which have been joined together to create the swastik in both directions. if you forget about the thin lines and just concentrate your eyes on the thick lines you will get the akku form.

can anyone understand what iam saying ?

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i think u have tried to design tamil letter ta.reply me whether am i correct or not.

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If you stare at the design it gives a 3D effect.