Temple design

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i draw this kolam with khadi(rice flour paste) at my friend house, on the ocassion of pooja...here in usa.

Rangoli: Temple design


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A simple Therkolam?Nice shade of the trees falling on the charriotkolam.

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Its' very nice

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hai nice kolam with regards

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Sarala maam very pretty chariot kolam and neatly drawn too... remember lata maam's words, no footwear Smile (just joking)

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Nice chariot I can see here Sarala Smile

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nice one

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very beautiful.. but i always stay away from chikku kolams as i am not very comfortable in putting dat.. (chikku kolam poda varadu nu solraduku ivlo build up)

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I like the chikku kOlam as well as the chiaroscuro of nature!

Regards! - mOhana

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- both the kolam and your picture. Smile

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latha ji ...thank u...thanks every one ...

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gud one

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nice maakolam with chariots design.

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You did thi one in USA? Nice. You would have got a lot of appreciations, I guess!