Thanks giving kolam

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Excellent work, Suba!

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lovely dedication to jkm sir., well done subashini...

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Nicely combined sona patterns! Unique dedication!

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subhAshiNI ma'am, your name itself proclaims you always speak good. Thank you very much, I am really not encyclopedic, I am like any one of you. However, I humbly accept your present. In fact, I would have even missed it as I am a bit preoccupied otherwise. Certainly you made my day! Very beautifully linked 2x3 sOnA patterns indeed!

Regards! - mOhana

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Awesome job and nice dedication to our jkm sir...suba....d kolam is so lovely...

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Thank you Rajam,jullien,jaya,Rani and jkm.Thank you very much sir to accept it .My mother was a great fan of Rabindranath Tagore and she liked to read Bengali translation stories .I think "subashini" was one of the heroine in Tagore story.I am not sure it is Tagore or Bankim Chandra sattarji. so she named me as "subashini".

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jaya and jkm sir, the basic pattern is taken from you once again sir .

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Great work,suba

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The short story written by Tagore was called Subha. Unfortunately, the subhAshiNi or subhA in that story was a dumb girl.

Regards! - mOhana

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wow! excellent dedication kolam suba.. very nice colour and blue...superb...

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Subha ,very nicely done.

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Thank you veni,vasanthi,and asha.Asha , How are you?

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Thank you jkm sir for your information.That is why I called you our encyclopedia.whenever we need a information, you do help us.

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fantastic arrangement, Suba:)

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Thank you brindha

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Verty beautiful kolam gift suba.


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Your kolam is an excellent dedication....superb creativity.