The Veggie Patch - Cool Cucumber

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Now after I had sliced to cucumber to complete the chilli flower I got an idea of creating designs with the cucumber slices and this is what I finally arrived at. I played with the numbers from 1 to 10 in order and then 3 multiples of 5 (as the cucumber slices ran out of stock - hehe) and have arranged them in order for you to enjoy. Now I am actually happy with my participation in this corner as I managed to do something creative - looking forward to the comments and views of the experts Smile

Rangoli: The Veggie Patch - Cool Cucumber


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Judy, whenever I make salad out of cucumber, I arrange them in one of these designs. Very happy to see ur are also like me. Nice arragement in the number order.( Jayanthy may pike up this idea to teach maths for nursery class.) The last line the cucumber pieces are dancing in gay ,

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Wah Wah Wah Judy what an idea and wonderfully arranged to give visual treat... now my mouth is watering at the sight of the cucumbers...

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Judy, I thought it was mOhanaji's photoshop work! Your fingers have played magic with a few slices of cool cucumber!

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cool cucumbers dancing so lovely.....hats off to u judy... for all d novel ideas u've used in this veggie patch....time ille time illenuttu ippadi pottu thakkureengale....too good....

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Excellent idea Judyji. I first thought it as photoshop kolam. But this is just amazing. Cool cucumbers.

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Thanks a lot for the lovely words of praise Rajamma (yuooohooooo Jayanthi where are you?? are you listening to Rajamma??), Pushpa, Jaya, Rani (elaam oru veri thaan) and Padma - so happy all of you liked it Biggrin

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wow judy, this is a great spread of salads

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Thank you Anirudh Biggrin

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Whenever i make salad, I will eat more while cutting. But i never get this idea to make designs out of it. Thanks for sharing

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Thank you Rajitha Smile

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Is there any idea left to creat new more designs. Arrangements are very cool like cucumber.

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Thanks a lot Shoba - sweet of you to comment Smile

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epdi pa epdi? Epdi idellam ungalala matum mudiyuthu? Are you a professional fashion designer Judy (vayitherichal thanga mudila enaku..) But very novel idea.. Reminds me of mohanaji's work. Hats off Judyy!!

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Oh my! Where do I begin with this one? It is past 1:00pm and I'm so hungry, that I'll munch through this entire page, if I could. Smile
Neat and wonderful presentation of each pattern Judy. Please sprinkle some chat masala on them for me and hand them over. :0

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hehe Vidhya I take this as a compliment. Though I am not a professional fashion designer I am inclined very much towards designing. My mom used to stitched all my daughter's clothes till she was about 15 and both of us used to plan the material, accessories and design of the frock or whatever was stitched. I also do computer designs for sarees once in a while Smile

Lata thanks for your comments - nice of you to spare some time inspite of your busy schedule to comment on our work. Go ahead and eat the entire plate which has a generous sprinkling of chaat masala for you Biggrin

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wow!!beautiful arrangement!!

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Excellent creativity!!!

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Sailaja Sharma
Wow! Quite artistic and creative. I never knew one could do this.

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Thanks a lot Lax, Sankari and Sailaja for your comments Smile

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Perhaps one of the best by jUDIjI!

Regards! - mOhana

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lovely idea and wonderfully executed, enakku AC room(summer illiya adan Ac) pootu yousicha kooda inda madirilam idea vara matengudhu.

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wonderful preparation jude.Hats off to you.

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How come I missed your comment on this one JKM - thanks for that compliment Biggrin and thanks Indhu and Subashini for your comments too Smile