The Veggie Patch - Juicy Ooty Carrots

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Once I was done with the sweet corn I decided to look up my kolam book for some veggie kolams but discovered that there was a heart kolam which I could convert into juicy carrots and here is what I have come up with. I just let my hands play with the dots and the end product pleased me very much - I am sure you will like it too Smile

Rangoli: The Veggie Patch - Juicy Ooty Carrots


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hai judy...beautiful heart cum carrot kolam...i just love d leaves so much....

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Thanks Rani, glad you liked it. Those leaves were taken from one of the borders I had created earlier Smile

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Wow Judy they sure pleased me da... lovely pattern

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Judy, good conversion of heart into carrots. What is the central design? Looks like a tava/plate wearing a traditional earring!

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Converted carrots look so juicy and tempting Judy! These are the reddest of them all. Smile Leaves look pretty too. Jayaji, I think Judy wanted to make us a flower dosa too on her tava. Remember her dosas in different shapes last year? Smile

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Glad you are pleased Pushpa Smile Jaya actually you are right - that centre design looks like a temple jewellery earring and I discovered this only after you told me - and it you happen to hear the conversation between the heart and carrot please let me know also - hehe Smile Lata I too thought so after I finished this kolam - the colour and texture made the carrots look really juicy like the ones found in Ooty that's why I named the kolam Juicy Ooty Carrots, haha and actually that centre piece does look like a non-stick tava - good thinking Biggrin

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wow!wow!!hehe diffeent design..looks nice..

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Conversion of heart into carrot or conversation in betwen them? Heart or carrot the color is fantastic. The green leaves also tempting.Only the centre tava with cute thodu, looking odd in that place.

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Thanks Lax... Ya Rajam you are correct about the centre misplaced design. I was in such a hurry to make this and submit it before the deadline (with so much of other work on hand at home) that I did not realise this until it was uploaded. Must try something else and upload once more - let's see Smile

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hi judy,

your creativety is awesome. keep it up.

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nicely reformed judy..... i like those neatly placed leaves & stem

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Judy... lovely mouthwatering carrots.. i know tava placed in the centre to make carrot poriyal right...:)))

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I like the leaves.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you Vyjayanthi, Anirudh, Vidhya and JKM (i like the leaves too)..